Saturday, February 11, 2012

prose 001

Three o’clock in the morning; the boy and brother hear voices
The boys -- in a ‘middle’ room. 
The father carrying the mother down the hall. 
He would not talk.  But neighbors/ and others were there;  they were 
‘milling about’ - clucking fowl in a barnyard.  in a hallway. 
chuffing tigers
whispering, and shhhh.  ‘Just hush, the two boys are right there.
The mother was hemorrhaging, barely conscious.  limp rag;
the bleeding sick mother.  'The Angel' / the birth giver
carried in strong arms, unable to talk. 
she would survive. Thank God she did.  It was never discussed, 
the laceration, some rip not properly mended in surgery:
breaking loose and the mother would have died.
Who was watching the boys? 
(wide eyed, in the hallway)
Those boys were scared as fuck.