Sunday, February 12, 2012

even elephants

Such mighty beasts -- (trunks in endless shapes) -- they grieve.
Mightily.  Even elephants protect the weak ones.
hover over the dead.. or dying.. for days
Sitting Shiva  [ grief in any language or grouping of sounds. ]
with nature’s canvass so broad.
And still, a male lion will kill newborns
not sired by his very own ‘semen.’
I find myself ‘dazed’ in late middle age.
I find myself ‘hoping’ for elephants.
Stampede me 
with your love/ devotion/ protection.
(I need it and crave it)  I beg you for it. 
danger is here -  
lions, guttural in the distance.  otherwise silent. 
and no moon.