Thursday, February 9, 2012

time bomb

Love that grey.   
Melt with ‘gloaming’ --- closest ‘natural phenomenon’ (physiologically)
to my own psyche and soul.
Hello Seattle.  Hello World.  Hello World Wide Web.
Each day, Checking the ‘hits.’  Sometimes more than one-hundred.
Meager offerings, my words. 
But true. -- and Brutal.  (perhaps just to me- yawning!  You crazy stupid man
Life in situ. 
My words;  (one poem - a grain of sand)
--  a beach near Guam. or some beach --- anywhere ---
No greater or lesser than other words.  
Let us deny the power, true power -- let us turn to our addictions.
sex.  power of penis and vagina.  fucking like rabbits
Let us pray -- (as humanity)
we see the little ones.  the shriveled souls like mine. 
Let us deflower colorful subterfuge and see the face of God.
or find a Mercedes Benz, polish your nails with glue and sugar
 -- put on pancake
Drive across this country in a convertible;  flashing peace signs.  
Sugar on those fingers. Smiling off the cliff...