Saturday, January 14, 2012

Song Six

Vibrant on that day; he told me-

- in a dream? No, in reality. He spoke on the phone -

the last day.

“I love you.”

My true hero: My father.

My ‘stern and steadfast’ father.

He said, “I love you, Super.”

(He always called me Super.)

(He was forever clear: “I love you, Super.”)

Lowell; The Bright, Bright light; and he said it.

Within hours, he was dead.

I knew then;

in that first horrible moment.

I knew ___________ And would never forget.

--- Never to hear “Super, ”

never again in my Earthly span. ---

never again my appointed and actual name:

- Not like he said it -

And so I miss it -- I miss my youth. Miss ‘the days.’

Those days.

“Super, this is your Old Man.”

“Super, ... I need to talk to you.”

“Super, I will see you again.”


(Lowell, you will not see me again. Not on this Earth.)

- but in ether? -- beyond the Seattle gloaming?


at the Eternity Door --

The final door.

You will find Daniel Bruce Slocum. Discover me standing as before.

with my curly hair, with hazel eyes -- eyes just like yours.

And the muse with one last word --