Friday, December 23, 2011

near white center

oh guru! is there quid pro quo?
soft in the pupae state; hard little knot (evolving)
to blossom.

(who can explain this finger vibrating like a reed?)

see the lungs and esophagus are visible
through the skin, beneath the sternum
in pink-brown and white-green.

see you
standing hands above head—
each digit splits and becomes the branches
of a tree. a pear tree.

(arms black as banana peel)

Oh sage—where do whales go when they die?
as the decomposition begins—one may wonder
about the soul of such an animal; intelligence
with the ape, the human
knowing and feeling

to the County Line
—slipping even—
where Zeus and Athena argue
like Duwamish trailer trash

O sage.