Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the milk sky

"It is hard for thee to kick against the pricks" - Acts 9:5


In Jerusalem, marks of Crusaders still etch the stone.
(Church of the Holy Sepulcher)
my own fingers running along the edges of Golgotha
—the crucifixion site— now a tourist line/ Disneyland.
smell of b.o. — as I scan the line — so many eyes
wide as plates. (and the candles always lit)

blood on the floor is just an expression—
but this is the spot of Christ's torture.
the marginalized 'God-Son.' -- Son of the Alpha and Omega
on a cross [The Old Rugged Cross] the illusion of death?


the unimportant self. the 'me' not worth a shit.

Dan, Help the poor
Dan, Help the mentally ill
Dan, Help the homosexuals
Dan, Help the Jews
Dan, Help the addicted.


and look up! the pale horse has a rider;
his name is Death. And close behind is Hell.
you know this. (a head-bow is appropriate)
a prayer.
your last prayer?


a bow to reality: to the azure sky
until Kingdom Come. To the very end.
—When all is equal.