Saturday, November 26, 2011

forever cat gone

the gash in my heart—the hissing,
(middle of the night) Bozo dangling by claws,
just inches from his favorite chair;
he almost made it. (almost up)

he came later to curl in the crook of my arm.
the lull before daylight. the cuddle before death.

—in a dream—

Bozo is happy-fat, the big boy.
He's my old fat cat again
now on a tableau of pure ether.

In the end days he let me kiss his head—
usually not allowed—
seemed welcome
seemed needed.

At the Eternity Door,
the doctor was so very kind.
I'd never seen Bozo's eyes so clear. (knowing)
clear 'these' were the final visions.

I saw glimpses of those clear eyes
in the terrible days
immediately prior.