Saturday, November 19, 2011

the everything man

truth be told.
don’t confuse me with someone you once found
in the middle of a lonely road, though I am him.
the world is all absolutes to me. no middles.
(begging) please no shades of gray,
and may I please help the baby out with the bath water?
I assure you, this is my final fucking position; forever
until the end. nothing changes. don’t try. not now.
not ever.
(and that is a very long time)

so, what to make of the unexpected confidante?
(freedom in absolution?)
in love with the black and white song.
then, why stake my life now on the only escape from the hole?
gray. middles.
(and not to be examined)

when the sky is melting
when there is fire on simplicity
(no fit)

I will go there. I will find the only one.
and the everything man lives in shadow;
paradoxically the brightest light.
(my puzzles, his innately leveled)

how I crave the secret fuzz, the times of very together,
when love fog obscures the sharp edges of the
dirty, daily steps.

even euphoria is manageable,
not blinded anymore by the too blue sky;
the too cheery sun.
I once thought never.

(and sweeter than this?)

pull back the large curtain near Heaven.
behold the everything man.